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Best Keto Diet For Weight Loss; Get To Know the Best Version For Fast Fat Burning

Best keto diet for weight loss; get to know the best version for fast fat burning.

You can go all the way down to the keto road and reach nowhere. You can spend all day in the gym, spend all night controlling your mind not to think about your favourite dessert, and yet no magic could be happening.
Why? Why your keto results are so unfair? Is there a “best keto diet for weight loss”?
I know you want me to shut my suspense up and tell you straight away. But I am compelled.
You have to bear with me because this needs a whole long discussion to understand the best keto version for fast fat burning.

Keto is not unfair; it is just different for different people. But it is nothing to worry about. You can decide on the best keto version for you.
Trust me! by the end of this article, you will get all the answers you want to know, and getting a little pump up to keep going is very likely too.

How can a keto diet be different for different people?

Keto is the best way to lose your weight fast, but it can work if it’s done right. By “Right” I mean, doing it according to your body needs. For that, you need to understand that ketosis works differently for different age groups, genders, people with different activities lifestyle and body types.

Recent studies have backed this previously not so well researched concept now.
Some researchers have discovered that blood ketone levels increase differently in both genders (males and females) in a rat model study. More specifically, they grow faster in females than males when they (male and female mice) are fed on a special diet. They also discovered that blood ketone production levels differed at different ages.

As in another study, it was found that children responded more efficiently to the keto therapy for their Epilepsy treatment than adults. Similarly, an active lifestyle is more likely to get you right and fast results than a “sitting on the couch all day” lifestyle. You know your age and gender (I am pretty sure) what remains is, determining your body type. You must be wondering:

What is my body type?

If I have to explain to you in the most straightforward words possible, your body type is how your body looks like, most specifically, its shape.
There are three basic types of human bodies:

  • Endomorph
  • Ectomorph
  • Mesomorph

1. Endomorph

People with this body type appear bulky with a thick rib cage and have wider thicker joints and hips as wider than clavicles. Shorter limbs are another possible trait. They can be said as the unfortunate people of all planets. Even drinking water causes them to gain weight. Not just that, they will keep on this weight gain longer than ever.

Prominent characteristics:

  • Wider body structure
  • Pear-shaped or round
  • Stores muscle and fat mostly in the lower half of their bodies
  • Muscle comes with more fat.
  • Have slow metabolism

If you feel like putting on weight by just looking at a cupcake, you most probably belong to this body type.

Though reducing weight is a big struggle for this body type, do not under-estimate, they have more muscle power than any other body type and appear healthier.

2. Ectomorph

They will appear thin with narrow hips and clavicles with small joints (wrist and ankles) with stringy muscle bellies. Their limbs will seem longer. They are “hard-gainers”. Eating a pile of doughnuts won’t increase an inch for them. Muscle gain can be their most chased dream ever.

Prominent characteristics:

  • Lean and long appearing
  • Delicate body frame
  • Having fast metabolism
  • May find it challenging to build muscle and fat (Hard gainers)

3. Mesomorph

God’s most favourite children are having near to the ideal, medium-sized body with broad shoulders, narrow waist, medium-sized joints, and round muscle bellies. But having this body doesn’t come with a guarantee that you will remain this way even after eating carelessly and not working out.

Prominent characteristics:

  • Medium-sized body
  • Not so lean, not too much muscular
  • Have well-defined muscles
  • Good metabolism

Maintaining this God-given body and keeping it healthy should be your goal if you find yourself falling in this category.

Other body types:

These three basic types are a general tell of body types. And they are based on body appearance, not heights or lengths. Most people will find themselves falling in between any two categories. In other words, your body can be a combination of any of the two types. So, there is a possibility of a waste body type spectrum.

With said that your genetics, training, and lifestyle create a significant impact on how your body appears.
So, the best you can do in determining your body type is to take a keto quiz and get your customized meal plan according to your preferences.

What is the Best keto diet for your body type?

When you are on a keto diet and not achieving results up to your desires, this could be because of not following the right diet for your body type. The ketogenic diet can have different versions depending upon variable percentages of carbs, proteins, and fats.

But All versions would be having high percentages of fats, moderate percentages of protein, and low to a meager percentage of carbohydrates (because ketogenic diets aim to keep carbohydrate intake as minimum as possible).

Different percentages depend upon your body type and weight gain or weight loss goals. Your keto diet coach can help you decide best that what is the right version for you.

Different types of the keto diet:

Generally, there can be four types of ketogenic diet.
• Standard ketogenic diet (SKD)
This version is based on having around 70% fats, 20% proteins, and 10% carbs per day’s food intake.
• High Protein ketogenic diet
This version is based on eating 60% fats, 35% proteins, and 5% carbs in your daily diet. This version is slightly higher in proteins.
• Targeted ketogenic diet
The targeted keto diet allows adding more carbs in your diet occasionally like eating some carbs near workouts.
• Cyclical ketogenic diet
It is based on rounds of higher-carb refeeds in a cycle of the ketogenic diet. For example, you can go for 5 to 6 days of keto diet following 1 or 2 days of high carb diet in a week.

What Is Keto Diet Version Best For Your Body Type?

Determining your body type or somatotype and dietary needs according to each other will help you achieve better results faster. It is essential to avoid any health issues associated with a restricted diet.

Below, I will give a general suggestion of the most appropriate and best keto diet for fast weight loss or gain according to different body types. Taking Expert help is highly recommended to avoid any problems anyway.

Best Keto diet for Ectomorph Body Types

It is a little bit tricky because the Keto diet is for cutting carbohydrates to avoid muscle gain. We have already talked about how ectomorphs already lack a perfect muscular body, and they may already be lean enough.
However, if you love your ectomorph body type and want to keep in shape like that, a cyclical keto diet or CKD is recommended diet for you.

This diet will help you keep your “model” body along with a sufficient supply of required nutrients.
This keto diet goes with high carb refeeds in the ketogenic diet cycle as I have already mentioned above.
For example, your keto diet can consist of 75 per cent fat, 15 to 20 per cent protein, and 5 to 10 per cent carbohydrates on keto days.

After which you can enjoy a balanced diet or high carb diet with 25 per cent fat, 25 per cent protein, and 50 per cent carbohydrates. Being ectomorph, you will be lucky enough to take your days off for birthday parties, holidays, and other special occasions.

It is highly recommended for you to avoid highly-processed carbs and foods with sugar additives for best results.
Try eating naturally carbohydrate-rich foods such as fruits, dairy products, starchy veggies like potatoes, and whole grains on your off days instead.

Best Keto diet for Mesomorph Body Type

Because mesomorphs are fortunate enough to possess a near to the balanced body, they can go one of two diets according to their body needs.

Targeted Keto Diet

Targeted keto diet or TKD is recommended for those mesomorphs who are active individuals or athletes because it is more suitable for people who exercise and a keto lifestyle. That’s why they require more carbs.

This diet generally consists of 65-70% fat, 20% protein, and 10-15% carbs.
It is recommended for working out people to take about 20 to 30 grams of carbohydrate before and after their training or workouts.

Because, if they are performing high-intensity exercises, this carb intake is necessary to promote enhanced recovery.
There is no risk of storing unwanted fat because the additional carbohydrates will be burned off by intense training. This extra carb intake is somewhat crucial in keeping their muscle health intact.

The best option for added carbs can be dairy products, grain-based foods, fruits, etc. Sports nutrition supplements and other such products can lay a hand in this matter too.

High-Protein Keto Diet

Mesomorphs are likely to have high metabolism due to their intense training and always on the go physical activity. People with this body type can go best with High-Protein Keto Diet or HPKD because of their sufficient protein intake requirement.

Being on a high protein diet plan can prove the right choice for maintaining their tissue and muscle repair and faster recovery after workouts.

This version of the keto diet consists of a little higher allotment for proteins which can be around 30 per cent protein in your daily intake. This higher percentage is to provide you with enough amount of protein that you need for intense training.

With this diet plan, you will be consuming around 120 grams of protein daily, equivalent to four servings of fish, poultry, or meat weighing around 4-ounce [*] (meat lovers heaven right?).

Best Keto for Endomorph Body Type

For people with an endomorph body type, a standard ketogenic diet (SKD) is highly recommended. As these peers appear overweight or obese, a standard keto diet will help them lose their extra pounds faster.
As we already mentioned SKD, you will need to consume around 75-80% fat, 15-20% protein, and 5% carbohydrates as your daily nutrient intake.

If you are an endomorph, your meals and snacks will revolve around foods with high-fat content like dairy products, heavy cream, butter, olive oil, meats, fatty fish, avocados, and olives.
Your target will be cutting maximum carbohydrates from your diet, making it around 50 grams or less depending on your target weight.

In this diet, one should add more leafy greens, like broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce, and avoid taking vegetables with high starch content like potatoes.

Fruits are allowed in a narrow range; you should include fruits only with low carb and fiber, like melon and berries.
For fast weight loss choosing the right food is very important too!

As keto Sherly depends upon ketosis, your weight loss is utterly dependent on how fast you reach the ketosis state and how well you maintain that body state. Bad food choices like processed foods, high carb foods, starchy and high fiber foods will keep you from reaching or ruin your hard-earned ketosis.

For the best and fast results, you need to choose your edibles very carefully. You can take a Keto Diet Quiz to know what is the best diet plan according to your body type. Not just that, you will also get a weekly meal chart to keep a good measure of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Keep following us for yummy recipes to make your rigid diet a little tastier and even healthier.
Get our expert help and coaching at Custom Keto Diet.

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