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Orgain Keto Protein Powder Reviews – Chocolate, MCT oil, And Much More

best Orgain keto powder for weight loss

Free, free, free. Yes! Many products from ORGAIN are free from sugar, gluten, artificial flavors, dairy, soy, etc. After long hours of searching, our product analysts have added the valuable Orgain Keto Collagen Protein Powder Reviews. With the proper counting of net carbs, these keto diet-based powders will help you embark on what you want. 

The founder of Orgain, Dr.Andrew, was diagnosed with cancer. His disease made him feel an intake of shakes full of nutrition. It all began from his house blenders, mixing all-natural ingredients. As a cancer survivor, Dr.Andrew then found his interest in nutritional sciences. At first, it was just overflowing home blenders that gave birth to Orgain in 2008.

Orgain is all about natural ingredients and no added flavors. Because of quality-based ingredients, it has a superb natural taste. Their main goal is to make high-quality nutrition available for everyone. 

Take a look and pick from the best reviews. 

Go deep and read:

  • Buying Guide Before Reviews 
  • What Is Exactly Protein Powder?
  • Who Needs Protein Powder?
  • How To Use Orgain Keto Protein Powder?
  • Orgain Keto Protein Powder Benefits
  • Is Any Chemical Used In The Ingredients Of Orgain Products?
  • Q2: Does Orgain Keto Protein Powder help with weight loss?
  • Q4: What is Orgain’s response to COVID-19?

Buying Guide Before Reviews On The Best Orgain Keto Protein Powder

When you know the protein fundamentals, then it is easy to pick

Most qualities that are to be made sure of are; 

Protein Assurance: According to Keto diet planners, intake 0.6 g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Must check the protein nutrition detail on the product as its too little intake can disturb our lean tissue mass. 

Plant or animal-based protein: The decision is made on need. If you are Vegan then Orgain protein powder is the most reliable. It has plant & animal-based powder with vanilla and chocolate. While keeping in mind the protein portion Orgain is one to trust while choosing.

Following are some of the do’s and don’t when choosing the best Orgain protein powder for yourself:

√ Do’s:

Ø Don’t:

1- Research:

  Get familiar with the ingredients you are eating.

1- No Buzzwords:

Say no to marketing strategies as celebrities are highly paid to promote any brand.

2- Ask:

You may require different nutrients if you work out or are an athlete. Consult your doctor for advice.

2- No protein powder all at once:

Note work level, if you do not work out, more protein intake can damage your kidneys.

3- Meals before protein powders: 

A list of foods that are high in protein and can be easily planned throughout the day.

3- Don’t focus strictly on meat: 

There are plant-based foods, try them too rather than staying focused only on meat.

7 Best Orgain Keto Collagen Protein  Powder Reviews

Important note: The expression “net carbs” essentially relates to carbs that are consumed by the body. To compute the net carbs in whole food varieties, take away the fiber from the absolute number of carbs. To compute the net carbs in prepared canned food, take away the fiber and a part of the sugar alcohols.


1: Orgain Keto Collagen Protein Powder Vanilla with MCT Oil, Vanilla - Paleo Friendly, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free

  • Amazon US Rating           4.6/5
  • Net Carb                              3g
  • Calories/slice                      90
  • Total Carbohydrate            3g
  • Protein                                 10g
  • Dietary Fiber                       3g
  • Cholesterol                         0mg
  • Sugar                                    0g

Flavor                    Vanilla Keto Collagen 

Taste                      Good

Keto-Friendly        Excellent

Key Ingredients  collagen peptides, coconut medium-chain triglycerides, organic natural flavors, acacia gum, sea salt 

Collagen is an important protein that acts as a structure in the tissues of the body. As an anti-aging product, it contains collagen which serves as a good supplement to fill the collagen void in the body. It Improves hairline, clears skin, has better nail growth, and overall body strength.

MCT oil (medium-chain triglyceride) is an amazing source for weight loss. Obtained from coconut oil, this MCT oil acts as a dietary supplement.

It is widely known for its boost during the keto diet. Being friendly to both keto and Paleo diets is an ideal product, as it is soy and gluten-free. Without added sugar, it is available in vanilla flavor, which is a must-have. It mixes well, not just in water. Due to the ideal Keto ratio of Protein to Fat, it gets our more positive reviews. Enjoy it for your morning tea or coffee.

MCT OIL for weight loss 

Good for the keto diet as their vegan powder has more rack life.

Increase collagen peptides hydrolysate (types I and III)

Work as a superb supplement

Helps in the growth of hairline, improves skin and nails. 

Treats eczema.

Better tasting at an affordable price

Ø Not dissolve thoroughly in cold water

Ø Few dislike taste

2:Orgain keto chocolate protein powder reviews and Collagen Peptide - Paleo & Keto Friendly

  • Amazon US Rating           4.6/5
  • Net Carb                              3g
  • Calories/slice                     150
  • Total Carbohydrate           15g
  • Protein                                 21g
  • Dietary Fiber                       6g
  • Cholesterol                         0mg
  • Sugar                                    0g

Flavor                    Chocolate

Taste                      Good

Keto-Friendly        Excellent

Key Ingredients: Pea protein, brown rice protein, sunflower oil, acacia gum, High Oleic


Orgain is a widely trusted brand. It offers a bundle. There is a lot to choose from. Here the Orgain Bundle has chocolate powder and Collagen peptide powder. Peptide helps build muscles, lose weight, and fat loss. 

As collagen is equally helpful for the body, the addition of peptides is a huge flex as it is two in one. Both the protein powders are Paleo and keto-friendly. 

Both the products are gluten, soy, and dairy-free. It makes it easier for people new to any diet. The collagen peptide powder is unflavored and can be added to any kind of juice to get used to the flavorless drink. The fudgy chocolate taste of the Orgain powder helps beginners to stay on track without sacrificing the taste.

Chocolate flavor wins the hearts of many consumers.

Collagen powder is tasteless & can be used in whatever drink you like.

Helps in the growth of hairline, skin nails.

Work as a superb supplement

Helps in the growth of hairline, improves skin and nails. 

Known to repair joint pains.

Ø You may feel a distinct and disturbing smell

3: Orgain keto collagen protein powder reviews Chocolate Flavour with MCT Oil (net carb 0g)

  • Amazon US Rating           4.8/5
  • Net Carb                              0g
  • Calories/slice                     90
  • Total Carbohydrate           3g
  • Protein                                 11g
  • Dietary Fiber                       6g
  • Cholesterol                         0mg
  • Sugar                                    0g
  • Flavor                    Chocolate
  • Protein Source    Collagen peptides
  • Taste                      Good
  • Keto-Friendly        Excellent
  • Key Ingredients    collagen peptides, coconut medium-chain triglycerides, organic stevia, Acacia gum, sea salt

Orgain Keto Collagen protein powder comes with MCT Oil, which is a type of fat that can be digested easily. It is a full meal replacement and is mostly used by consumers on the go. Mostly preferred to use post-workout. The addition of chocolate flavor is a must-try. This keto-friendly product helps the body to reach the state of ketosis. 

Along with other benefits of collagen, it improves hairline and helps skin glow. As with age, the body cannot produce collagen, so it is the right supplement to buy online.

As per our expert’s reviews, it is a full prepped meal packed with the energy to keep you rolling for the day. 

More benefits in less price

Keeps appetite full

Helps in the growth of hairline, skin nails.

Improves body joins

Glow in skin and nails

Help to digest

Ø Some consumers have been facing price differences.

4: Orgain Organic Unflavored Plant-Based best low carb protein powder for weight loss

  • Amazon US Rating           4.6/5
  • Net Carb                              3g
  • Calories/slice                     140
  • Total Carbohydrate           7g
  • Protein                                 21g
  • Dietary Fiber                       1g
  • Cholesterol                         0mg
  • Sugar                                    0g
  • Flavor         (multi) natural unsweetened
  • Taste                       Fair
  • Protein Source     Pea, Rice
  • Keto-Friendly        Excellent
  • Key Ingredients  Orgain organic protein, blend (organic pea, organic brown rice 

As vegans eat things that are animal friendly, so being vegan and opting for a diet can be challenging. Fewer choices are available to them. Thanks to Orgain Organic Unflavored plant-based protein powder has solved this problem.

It is plant based-powder which makes it easier for vegans to opt for a diet. Additionally, it is gluten-free and dairy-free. It is an unsweetened and all-natural powder.

Add it to any juice or cup of morning tea and chill. Being unflavored, it opts for the flavor of base liquid, making it easy for a first-timer to try. The good thing about this specific powder is that it can be used in baking as well. Add some amount when baking muffins or cookies. Also, it has been noted that this item will keep you full for a longer period.

Good value for money

A good option for vegans

Can be added in flour to bake

Dissolves easily

Non-dietary, soy, and sugar-free

Ø Non-dietary, soy, and sugar-free

5:Orgain Grass Fed Clean Whey Protein Powder, Vanilla Bean - Low Net Carbs,

  • Amazon US Rating           4.6/5
  • Net Carb                              6g
  • Calories/slice                     140
  • Total Carbohydrate           12g
  • Protein                                 21g
  • Dietary Fiber                       3g
  • Cholesterol                         0mg
  • Sugar                                    1g
  • Flavor                     Vanilla Bean
  • Taste                       Good
  • Protein Source      Whey, Bean
  • Keto-Friendly         Good
  • Key Ingredients      grass-fed whey protein concentrate, organic erythritol, organic creamer

If looking for whey-based protein powder, then must try it. This vanilla-flavored powder effectively supports weight loss. The use of this powder fights functional fats to eliminate excess fats. It kick-starts the process of ketosis in your body. 

Also, it helps boost metabolism, which leads to losing weight naturally. This keto powder contains proteins and is a complete meal replacement. It will keep you energized all day long. Keto and Paleo diets are compatible with this powder, resulting in a tasty meal shake.

Unlike others, it contains cholesterol of about 70mg, while other products have 0mg cholesterol. Anyhow, this amount is lower than normal cholesterol needs, which is 200 mg per day.

Keto and Paleo-diet friendly

Good for weight loss

More filling

Dissolves easily


Ø Relatively high in cholesterol

6: Orgain Organic Plant Based-Protein Powder, Chocolate Peanut Butter - Vegan, Low Net Carbs,

  • Amazon US Rating           4.7/5
  • Net Carb                              5g
  • Calories/slice                     150
  • Total Carbohydrate           15g
  • Protein                                 21g
  • Dietary Fiber                       2g
  • Cholesterol                         0mg
  • Sugar                                    1g
  • Flavor                    Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Taste                      Excellent
  • Protein Source      Pea, Rice
  • Keto-Friendly         Good
  • Key Ingredients     Organic Pea Protein, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Brown Rice, & Organic Peanut Flour

This product of Orgain is also vegan, opening another door for vegans to choose without sacrificing the taste. It is a plant-based protein powder, having a yummy flavor. The low-carb product is non-GMO and has no soy added. It has no added sugar or artificial flavors, to begin with. 

This plant-based powder acts as a lean smoothie and helps in maintaining muscles. Good to know that it is recommended for all kids, men, and women. It is very healthy and can be used both pre and post-workout. The drink is highly used and blended in the form of shakes on the go.

Keto and Vegan-friendly.

Good price for the taste


Dissolves easily

Acts as a great energy booster.

Ø Few had issues with an after-taste of the protein shake.

7: Orgain Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder, Creamy Chocolate Fudge - Vegan, Low Net Carbs,

  • Amazon US Rating           4.7/5
  • Net Carb                              3g
  • Calories/slice                     150
  • Total Carbohydrate           15g
  • Protein                                 21g
  • Dietary Fiber                       2g
  • Cholesterol                         0mg
  • Sugar                                    0g
  • Flavor                Chocolate  
  • Taste                      Excellent
  • Protein Source   Pea, Rice, Chia seeds
  • Keto-Friendly         Good
  • Key Ingredients    Orgain Organic Creamy Chocolate Fudge Protein Powder 

Kids are the ones mostly choosing chocolate over any other flavor. The Orgain creamy chocolate fudge is kid-friendly as well as for men and women. Vegans can also use it as it is plant-based. Without added artificial flavors and sugar, it is best for a healthy drink. Losing weight has never been so fun. 

Orgain has made it easier for the users to even maintain their muscles and lose weight at the same time. The product is non-dairy, gluten-free, and non-GMO. It is one of the best energy boosters. You can use it in drinks, as well as in baking to enhance the taste.

Blended in a quick post-workout drink is also recommended. The reviews indicate that It is the #1 best seller on amazon.


Has a complete amino acid profile.

Is easy on your stomach.

Affordable protein addition in the diet

Ø To some consumers, the mixture was too gritty making it difficult to drink.

What Is Exactly Protein Powder?

Beginners often wonder what exactly a protein powder is or how to use it?. The answer is that actually, this powder is the powdered form of the natural protein. It comes from plants such as soybeans, potatoes, rice, milk, or eggs.

The people who are into the gym or are athletes are far more known to protein powder intake and use it in specific proportions. An average adult needs 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram per body weight in a day. 

Protein can be added to the body by eating lean cuts of meats, fish, chicken & other dairy products. It can also be substituted for a meal because it can be readily prepared. Enjoy it in drinks on the go.

Who Needs Protein Powder?

People who are trying to lose weight or shape their muscles preferably use this powder. It is a famous nourishing enhancement. Protein is a fundamental macronutrient that helps construct muscle, fix tissue, and make catalysts and chemicals.

Using this powder may likewise help weight reduction and help individuals tone their body muscles. Here we discuss the people who need this powder:

1- Vegans:

People who turn vegan still have the same body needs. As they eat animal-friendly food, this powder is the best and easy replacement for fresh protein.

2- Young Teens:

A teenager needs more protein as compared to a fully grown adult body. Growing up uses more fuel, which is provided by the intake of protein.

3- Runners:

Intake it if you run a race or marathon. Plus, when giving your body a boost or training for a marathon.

4- Working out:

Any person who is new to the gym and bodybuilding, trying to build muscles and lose body fat, needs more.

How To Use Orgain Keto Protein Powder?

These powders are a great replacement for full-on meal preparation. You can just add to any drink you like. Following a keto diet is super simple by using them. We have added an easy, healthy, and delicious recipe along with the Orgain keto protein powder reviews. 

                                            Double-Chocolate Banana Dream


  1. 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk.
  2. 2 scoops of organic protein powder (chocolate flavor).
  3. 1 frozen banana.
  4. 1 TBSP of cocoa powder.
  5. 6 ice-cubes.
  6. 1 TSP of vanilla extract.


Mix all the ingredients in a blender, blend them all well and drink it. The made mixture can be saved up to 24-hours or can be blended at night to take in the morning. Give it a good shake before drinking.

Orgain Keto Protein Powder Benefits

The keto diet for beginners leaves a list of choices. Losing weight can be overwhelming and tiring at the same time but. Things are a bit easier as Orgain powder can be used as an alternative to the lean cuts of protein. Following are the benefits of Orgain keto powder:

I- If looking for weight loss or even muscle shaping the Orgain powder is the best replacement.

2- It provides a plant-based vegan protein. It opens options for vegans to enjoy their weight loss journey.

3- There is no added sugar in Orgain keto powder, which makes this powder diabetic-friendly.

4- Good to know that mixing 10g of collagen protein with 5g of fat (MCT oil) slows down protein absorption. As a result, your body uses it to restore itself instead of changing to glucose, causing it to enter a state of ketosis.

5-Provides a complete amino acid profile as our body loves amino acids.

6- Mostly protein powder shakes are bitter tasting, however, it tastes very good. It gives options to choose from chocolate and vanilla.

Is Any Chemical Used In The Ingredients Of Orgain Products?

Since USDA Organic affirms this item, Orgain company’s normal flavors comprise natural flavor separates and a natural dextrin. comprehend regular items that are not affirmed & can “stowaway”. Fixings under the umbrella term of common flavors and use things like vanillin, MSG, or AYG. They review routinely and add none of these fixings since we are USDA Organic. 

Their item has no chemicals, no anti-infection agents, no pesticides, and no GMOs! The organic protein powder is all organic with no added chemicals. It is all-natural and tastes creamy with no dairy products in it.

Orgain Keto Protein Powder Reviews- Final Verdict

Our profound reviews with the ultimate guide on keto collagen protein powder will make you decide easily. It is the best choice to opt for most of the showcased protein powders. Without chemicals, it is available in both animal-based and protein-based protein powders. It has flavors to choose from (Chocolate & vanilla). In conclusion, opt for your protein powder depending on the need of your body, not just because some celebrity gave it a shout-out. Make sure of any past allergies (such as any dairy product or any kind of meat or lentils). The amount of intake is very important to monitor, as the over amount of taken protein powder can become the cause of kidney and liver issues.


Q1: is Orgain keto protein powder vegan?

Yes, Orgain keto protein powder is 100% vegan made out of organic ingredients without any hidden ingredients or added artificial flavors or added sugar. With a good taste and perfect for keto-diet.

Q2: Does Orgain Keto Protein Powder help with weight loss?

Yes, Orgain 21g Plant-Based Protein Shakes give the ideal lift to your exercise or to fuel your day. They are the ONLY plant-based high protein shake with ZERO grams of sugar. It’s faultless heavenliness with just 150 calories and 1g of net carbs. In this way, you can deal with the load without sacrificing the taste.

Q3: Is Orgain a vegan company?

Orgain is not a vegan organization, but they offer items that are confirmed Vegan by Vegan Action and backers for incorporating plant-based food sources.

Q4: What is Orgain’s response to COVID-19?

Orgain is intently observing the unique COVID-19 circumstance and its advancing effect. It aims to donate 100,000 Clean Protein shakes to healthcare operators, fighting on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

5: Does Orgain keto have dairy?
Optimum health for bones, joints, hair, skin, and nails can be achieved by consuming Organica Ketogenic Collagen Protein Powder. To ensure that this Keto Collagen powder doesn’t contain any preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, or additives and is free from dairy, gluten, wheat, and eggs.

Q: Is protein powder safe to take while pregnant?

Ans: Are protein powders safe for pregnant women? It is safe to consume protein powders during pregnancy – but not all protein powders are the same. A protein powder can refer to many different things, from weight-loss protein shakes to meal replacement shakes to protein powders with vitamins and minerals. However, if you plan to take protein powder during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor.

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